Rajendra Kumar Baid, started Janpath Samachar in 1982. For the promotion of Hindi Language and to provide an independent voice to the people of Siliguri and entire North Bengal and Sikkim. This paper has provided quality journalism to the people and mounted campaigns - without fear and unmindful of threats of dire consequences - against all that is wrong. Many a scandal was exposed, the wrong - doers were punished and crime reduced. Janpath Samachar continues to be the fearless voice of the people of this region.

The seed of Janpath Samachar was laid in 1976 when Rajendra Kumar Baid started a fortnightly journal Siliguri Samachar. A young man from a business family stepped into the tumultuous field of journalism. He was doing the unthinkable by opening a Hindi daily newspaper in a Non-Hindi speaking region. Crossing many insurmountable barriers, he was able to create a market for a Hindi daily newspaper in this region. Today, it has evolved into the most popular Hindi daily in the region.

Janpath Samachar has played an important role in popularizing Hindi, our national language in this region. Due to high quality and in - depth analysis of news and incidents, it gained popularity amongst the Hindi speaking community of this region, comprising Six districts of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan and adjoining Bihar and Nepal.

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